TEW-755AP N300 High Power POE Access Point with Software Controller

  • Centralized AP management
  • Includes two wireless N300 access points with PoE injectors
  • Wireless controller with five gigabit ports
  • Manages up to 128 wireless access points
  • Compatible with TEW-755AP, TEW-821DAP, TEW-825DAP and TEW-826DAP*
  • Supports IEEE 802.11k radio resource management and 802.11r fast roaming
  • Airtime fairness balances wireless client bandwidth resources
  • Captive portal for hotspot applications
  • Client and SSID bandwidth management
  • Upload floor plans to create WAP Maps for a visual overview of each access point’s location



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TRENDnet’s N300 Wireless Controller Kit, model TEW-755AP2KAC, is designed to simplify management and setup processes for your access points. This new controller kit features seamless WiFi roaming, helping your devices stay connected when transitioning from one access point to another within the network. Fast BSS Transition, or fast roaming (802.11r) ensures optimal roaming conditions for your mobile WiFi clients. Airtime fairness provides higher priority to faster WiFi clients without limiting slower WiFi clients.

TRENDnet’s controller kit includes two wireless N300 access points with PoE injectors, and a wireless controller. This kit allows you to easily setup and manage access points across your network from a centralized interface. Simultaneously manage up to 128 access points, perform batch firmware upgrades, and monitor network connection status.

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